Petals and Crowns ~ a love of May

May is here!

What a magical month. The excitement yet serenity of sitting amongst the bluebells… the woodland floor a carpet of radiant blue and a fragrance that can only mean one thing; the start of summer.

20150503_162324-EFFECTS (800x450)

The forest floor holds a certain enchantment during that fleeting moment when the bluebells come out to dance.

There is an unrivaled beauty in wildflowers. I always feel the need to stop and stare utterly entranced, particularly if the flowers in question are blue. Seaholly, Forget-Me-Nots, Cornflowers, Nigella or Love-in-the-mist… what a perfect name!

Other than Mummy interrupting every walk with a series of “Oh! look!”s we have been preparing flowercrowns in time for our mayday celebrations and have been very careful to avoid picking certain protected flowers.

Cow’s Parsley, Forget-me-nots, Jack-by-the-Hedge and Brackens however were collected and returned home with us so that I could weave our crowns whilst the little ones slept. Emily has moments of being a really “girly girl” and whilst she adores climbing over rocks and up into trees she always becomes very fae-like when flowercrowns are involved. She insists on having her hair loose and wearing her prettiest dresses. Maybe an instinctive wish to be a may queen or to be one of Titania’s fairies in waiting.

IMG_20150504_000751 (170x225)

On a final note, I have to mention blossom. Apple, Cherry, Hawthorn; I am not fussy.

That moment of sheer delight, standing beneath a blossom tree when the wind gently gusts and suddenly being showered by a cascade of petals as they swirl in the breeze.

One of my most vivid memories as a child was the cherry tree on the front lawn at school. I remember looking up at it’s size, it’s branches heavily laden with soft pink blossom. It was the tree under which all class photographs were taken. The tree that provided endless enjoyment when I could pick up vast handfuls of fallen blossom and throw it high into the air to have it fall all over me only to protest if someone tried to remove the stray petals from my hair.

Sadly that tree is no longer there but has left a lasting memory and an eternal love for blossom.

Waiting in the car for Daddy yesterday we were parked under an apple tree when both children asked me to jump out and gather them each a handful of the white petals floating past their windows like snowflakes.

IMG_20150503_152731 (382x510)

They were thrilled.

Which month makes your heart flutter?